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Save Money During The Hot Summer Months

Home Insurance

We all want to save money on home expenses and have more to spend on the finer things in life. When the seasons change, so do the money-saving strategies. The following are some tips on how to save money during the hot summer months.

Replace AC Filters Regularly

Filters for air conditioning units are inexpensive, and it makes sense to replace them frequently. Dirty air filters restrict airflow and decrease the efficiency of your AC. This translates into more AC running time and higher cooling costs.

Turn Off the AC in the Cooler Hours

When temperatures are cooler in the evening and early morning, turn off the air conditioning and open some windows. Use a fan to pull warmer air out of the house and cooler air in.

Dry Your Laundry on a Line Outside

If you have the option to put up a clothes line outside, hang your clothes and bedding instead of using the dryer. This prevents you from adding extra heat to the house from the dryer and saves on your electric or gas bill to run the dryer. It also gives your clothes, towels, and bedding a delightful, fresh smell when they are dried by sun and summer breezes.

Get Outdoors in the Long Summer Evenings

Extended daylight hours in the summertime give you more time to enjoy outdoor activities. Whether you are out playing softball or tennis or simply walking around the neighborhood, you are saving on your electric bill if you are not indoors using the lights and running electronics. As a bonus, the exercise is good for your health and state of mind.

Cook Outside in Hot Weather

Using the oven or the range can heat up your house and make the AC work harder. The hot summer months are a great time to use the barbecue grill outside. This has the added advantage of turning summer meals into an outdoor picnic or party. Millions of Americans grill outdoors with no mishaps, but accidents do happen occasionally. Most grill fires on residential properties are caused by malfunctioning gas grills. In the rare occurrence of a grill fire, homeowners insurance can provide protection against damage to the house, personal possessions, and insured structures on the property, as well as injuries to guests as a result of the fire. Our agency can help you save money on homeowners insurance by finding the coverage you need at the best available rates. Many different factors can affect the cost of homeowners insurance, including:

  • Amount of coverage
  • Location
  • Neighborhood crime
  • Condition, materials, and age of home
  • Fire safeguards
  • Bundling with other policies, such as auto insurance

Shop for Summer Projects at the End of the Season

The best time to buy tools, outdoor plants, and summer project materials is at the end of the season. These items tend to go on sale when the summer is winding down and people are spending less time outdoors.

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